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Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs
Mail-Order Gardening Companies Outside North America
Here you will find companies doing business outside the U.S. or Canada. If the pages
listed are not in English I can't guarantee you that their content will really be about gardening,
but I'll do my best.
Last Update: April 8, 2014
***April 8 - Added Greenhouse Sensation in the UK***

Australia and New Zealand:

Adelaide Orchids: Paphs, zygoneria, zygopetalum orchids. Minimum order $500.
Bamboo Australia: Bamboo species and bamboo products.
BioStim: Products for sustainable agriculture: soil tests, fertilizers, education materials. Not much as of Dec 12 but perhaps expansion is planned.
Burleigh Park Orchids: Species orchids, specializes in artificial propagation. Ships everywhere.
Dowdeswell's Delphiniums: Delphiniums and lots of them. Plants to New Zealand only, mail-order seed to anywhere.
EPlants: Not a company but another catalog directory specific for New Zealand.
Export Flora of Australia: Native plants of Australia, shipped around the world.
Gardenpost: Plants, seeds and bulbs, a bit of everything. Same company as Wildflower World.
Growit Seeds: Catalog for Australia residents only; vegetables, flowers and herbs, some supplies.
Heaven In Earth: Decorative garden accessories and a few tools, some nice things. Order online.
Lilies In Bloom: New Zealand grower of lilies. Will ship bulbs worldwide.
Maples X Mail: Japanese maples, mostly grafted, delivered to anywhere in Australia.
Mountain View Daylilies: Australian daylily grower. Ships all over the world.
Post Office Farm Nursery: Large selection of hellebores many of their own hybridizing; ships to all Australia except Western Australia, will ship to Tasmania.
Tesselaar Bulbs: Flower bulbs, perennials, and plants. Bulbs for fundraising efforts. Free print catalog.
Water Features Online: Pond supplies plus lots of pond info.
Wildflower World: Seeds for wildflowers (not New Zealand natives), in mixes or individually. Ships everywhere.

Akerne Orchids: Large selection of orchids, minimum order 75 Euros. Looks like they ship everywhere.

Gardening Eye: I think this is a list of gardening sites in China. I don't read Chinese, so I can't be sure.

Czech Republic:
Best Carnivorous Plants: Tissue culture carnivorous plants.

B & T World Seeds: All sorts of seeds from all over the world; an excellent source.
Barbadine A source for tropical seeds.
Bourdillon Iris:Iris, daylilies, poppies and peonies, ships worldwide.
Bulb Argence: Bulbs from all over the world - spring, summer, and autumn flowering.
Cayeux: Bearded iris.
Graines-Baumaux: Flowers, vegetables, and bulbs, in French or German.
Au Jardin de Willemse: Ornamental plants and decor.
Les Senteurs du Quercy: 300 species of sage and 1300 of iris; looks like they also have daylilies and other ornamentals. Order online. Site is in French only.

Pflanzen-Exoten: Bamboo and palm seeds, accessories. Site is in German or English.

Bloom and Grow: Grow lights and hydroponic supplies. Looks like delivery to Ireland only.
Heritage Wild About Bulbs: Lots of bulb varieties as well as some tools.
Peony Passions: Specializing in Chinese tree peonies, serving Ireland and the UK.

Fruit Trees Nursery of Moshe Wallach: An Israeli fruit tree nursery.

Leben Seeds: "The Alpine Vegetable Seed Company". Vegetables traditionally grown in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and Yugoslavia. Order online. Looks like a sister company to Seeds of Italy.
Susigarden: Looks like ornamental plants - roses, violets, maples.

Unique Gladioli: Nice selection of gladioli corms. Will ship anywhere in the world, looks like. Order form in English.
Geles: Bulbs, tulips, dahlias, iris, some perennials. Says they do gladiolus hybridizing. I can't translate this site very well, so you'll have to figure out purchasing yourself.

GrowingTulips: Tulips direct from the growers. Cut flowers as well.

Zalas Aquarium and Pond Plants: Selection of plants for ponds and aquariums. Ships worldwide.

Puerto Rico:
Montoso Gardens: Tropical fruit trees, heliconias, maybe some other tropicals. Looks like they will do custom grafting etc., ships everywhere.
Vivero Anones: Tropical fruits, heliconias, gingers. Plants and seed.

South Africa:
Cape Flora: Specializing in South African cycads, succulents, bulbs, and more.
Silverhill Seeds: All sorts of African seeds.

El Lunauta: Cyndi thinks this carnivorous plant vendor is in Spain, but her Spanish isn't the best. Lots of species listed anyway.
Rooterpot: Sells a device to clasp around a stem for air-layering propagation. Site is in Spanish and English. They probably expect wholesale orders.

United Kingdom:
1066 Country Plants: Hundreds of varieties of pelargoniums (geraniums). Ships within UK only.

Agriframes: Metal garden structures (pergolas, gazebos, etc) and a range of other garden products - supports, tools, more.
AHS Direct: Garden supplies such as mulches, fertilizers, weed control etc. plus some bulbs and seed.
Apple Court: Ornamental grasses and hosta. Shipping to the UK and EU only.
Ashridge Trees: Hedging Plants, fruit trees, specimen trees, roses & soft fruit. Delivers to mainland UK and Isle of Wight.
Aquatix2U: Pond supplies, fish supplies, pond fertilizers and more. Delivers to UK.
Aristocacti: Slower growing North American cacti by mail order. Seed raised. Ships within the European Union.
Avon Bulbs: Mail order bulbs throughout the UK and EU; interesting and unusual bulbs and plants.

Bali Hai Nursery: Hostas shipped worldwide from this nursery in Northern Ireland.
Peter Beale's Classic Roses: Over 1000 varieties of classic roses.
Beeches Nursery: Ferns, grasses, roses, shrubs, more. Doesn't mail order trees. Delivers to UK and Europe.
Bernwode Fruit Trees: Traditional British fruit trees. Delivery in UK only.
Blue World Gardner: Big selections of garden supplies, shipped almost everywhere in the UK. Also ships internationally.
BlueBell Nursery: Rare trees and shrubs. Shipping within UK and EU only.
The Bodwen Nursery: Japanese maples. UK ordering only.
Bromfield Aquatics: Aquatic plants. Ships to mainland UK only from web site.

C. Gregory Roses: Hybrid teas, floribundas, old & new English rosesfrom this company in Lancashire, England.
Chiltern Seeds: Very highly regarded UK source.
Paul Christian Rare Plants: Big selection of rare bulbs. Good quality.
CJ Industries: Gardening tools and equipment, looks like they ship to much of the EU. Same company does business as "gardentoolsonline".
Classic Lawns: Lawnmowers and other tools for that perfect lawn.
Crane Sheds & Summerhouses: Small buildings for the garden, possible to custom order. Looks like delivery to most of the UK.

DeJager: Big selection of spring and summer bulbs.
Dibleys Nurseries: Streptocarpus, other gesneriads, begonias, other house plants.
Drointon Auriculas: About 150 varieties of auriculas. Will ship overseas.
Duchy of Cornwall Nursery: Trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plants. Looks like UK delivery only.

Exhibition Seeds: Vegetable seeds, lots of giant varietiesand others for the show enthusiast.

Field House Alpines: Auricula and primula seed, other alpines.
Floraselect: Garden plants - perennials, ferns & grasses, trees & shrubs, pots. Delivers to mainland UK.
The Flower Bower: Big selection of daylilies (hemerocallis) and epiphyllums. Mail order only to mainland UK.
For Something Different: Garden equipment and accessories. Will ship internationally.

Garden Beet: Pretty accessories for the garden - art & sculpture, planters, pots, furniture, more. Ships everywhere.
GardenXtras: Garden furniture, planters, baskets, and more for outdoor living.
Gardening Express: Perennial plants, roses, other ornamental plants, seeds for giant pumpkins. Mail-order to UK only.
Gordon Rigg Garden Centres Primarily brick-and-mortar establishments with everything for the garden. Does offer some items mail-order.
NEW! Greenhouse Sensation Everything you need for greenhouse growing and more from Greenhouse Sensations in the UK. British made planters, propagators, irrigation kits and wildlife habitats, some gardening tools and equipment, more. Delivers to the UK and Europe.

Harrod Horticultural: UK gardening supplies and accessories.
Hartley Botanic: Lovely greenhouses, from smaller back yard versions to estate-sized glasshouses.
Hart Canna: No cannas, just pots and planters.
The Herb Patch: Herb plants grown organically, shipped in pots.
Holden Clough Nursery: Alpines, perennials, heathers,grasses, and more. Ships internationally.
Hortus Ornamenti: UK hand-made garden tools, ornaments, and accessories.
Hydro1Stop: Hydroponic supplies, large selection. Delivers to UK mainland.

Jekka's Herb Farm: Culinary, scented, and medicinal herbs. Organically grown.

Keen Gardener: UK gardening, greenhouse and tool sales with seasonal gardening tips and features.
Kelways: Peonies, tree peonies, bearded and Japanese iris. Ships to the UK and Ireland.
Kevock Garden: Alpine, woodland, bog, herbaceous plants, interesting bulbs & shrubs.
King's Seeds: Vegetable and flower seed, has organic selection. Looks like same owner as Suffolk Herbs.

Laneside Hardy Orchid Nursery: British native orchids and other hardy orchids. Order online. Also operates another website as Laneside Alpines.
Langhale Gardens: Garden structures such as sheds, greenhouses, others. Looks like UK only ordering.

Medwyns - The Vegetable Seed Specialist: Seeds for those prize-winning vegetables. Beautiful!
Mower Magic: Lawn and garden tools.

Nicky's Nursery: Based in the UK. Plants, seeds, containers, more.

Owl's Acre Sweet Peas: Sweet pea seeds for exhibition and garden; they will ship overseas.

PlantWorld Seeds: Seeds for rare and unusual hardy perennials and ornamental grasses delivered free worldwide. No minimum order.
Pomona Fruits: Fruit trees, nut trees, and soft fruit bushes. Delivers to the British isles. Print catalog available.
Pop's Plants: Primula auricula, show, alpine, and doubles, also old florist varieties.
Prime Perennials: Unusual perennials, grasses, bulbs and ferns. Looks like shipping to EU only.

RA Scamp Daffodils: Daffodils and other spring bulbs in Cornwall. Print catalog available, ships internationally.
Ringhaddy Daffodils: Gorgeous daffodils from Northern Ireland. Ships internationally.

Secret Seeds: Rare and interesting seeds. Order online or print catalog available, ships everywhere.
Seed Parade: Big selection of garden seeds - vegetables, flowers, perennials. Order online.
Seeds by Size: Vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.
Seeds of Italy: Distributors for Franchi Sementi. U.S. visitors will find familiar tomato varieties but lots of different greens, peas, and beans.
Suffolk Herbs: Large organic seed selection. Looks like same owners as King's Seeds.
Swanland Nurseries: Pelargoniums (aka geraniums) of all descriptions. UK residents can order online; others may call for options.

Tiger Sheds: Wood garden sheds and summerhouses, other types of storage buildings, also other materials. Delivers to most of the UK.
Touchwood Plants: Rare and unusual garden plants and some vegs, excellent selection of aquilegias. Will ship outside the UK, email for info.
Turf and Stuff: Lawn turf, soil conditioners, bark mulch, sand, gravel, etc. Delivers throughout the UK.

Unusual Herbs and Edibles: Interesting edible and medicinal plants from around the world. Ships to UK only.
Urban Jungle: Exotic tropical plants and unusual perennials, sculpture, more. UK shipping and some items to all of the E.U.

Vernon Geranium Nursery: Geraniums (pelargoniums) and fuschias. Possible to order online.

Green Seeds Co: Specializing in vegetable and flower seeds for the tropical climate. There is a US address but it looks like everything is shipped from Vietnam. $45 phytosanitary certificate applies.
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